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“I have been involved in bodybuilding in every aspect of bodybuilding competition for the past 32 years, as a successful competitor, judge and coach who has helped over a dozen  men and women win their pro cards. I draw from decades of experience helping others be their very best onstage and my perspective it wasn’t enough to be a successful competitor, as to me this didn’t qualify me to be a bodybuilding/physique/figure or bikini coach. A good coach has to understand every aspect of the sport, and so I took it upon myself not only to compete, but also to judge, promote and even run bodybuilding, bikini, figure and physique contests. All of which gave me invaluable insight as to what judges are really looking for in a contest and experience that has helped me help others realize their dreams of becoming champions. My coaches were some of the best on the planet and the title of “Coach” for me is one I had to earn through years of helping others with their pre-contest diet, posing and prep. I competed successfully in natural bodybuilding contests, and was the first lifetime drug free bodybuilder to have a successful DVD on the market. (You can can get a copy of my bodybuilding DVD here on Amazon). Posing is one of the most important parts of what makes a winner and I was one of the very few bodybuilders with posing was good enough to be called upon along with my good friend, Kai Green, back in the day for numerous guest posing spots and appearances. For us it was never about being good, but rather about being exceptional, a quality that you can see shining through in all of my competitors with their stage presentation.

I was honored with the position of captain of bodybuilding coach legend, Ian Mercer’s team. In that capacity, I worked backstage with Kai Green for almost all his NPC shows and was working with him when he won his pro card. Over the years I have worked with bodybuilding, figure, physique and bikini competitors in the WNBF, INBF & NPC and IFBB at both pro and amateur levels, and watching my competitors standing in the winner’s circle, amazed at seeing just how much they were able to accomplish, has always been far more meaningful to me than any trophy I ever won. Hire with me as your coach and I will work tirelessly to see to it that every aspect of your prep, diet and raining is handled with the greatest of attention. You will always be overwhelmed by the degree of care and professionalism I bring to the table as I know exactly what it’s like to go through a contest prep and I also know exactly how to get you through it! If you are one of our clients in the New York City area, schedule permitting I will also be at your side on the day of the contest helping you prep backstage and will be sitting front row in the audience making sure you are at your very best! Most competitors never have any real documentation of their achievements and so I include a free fitness photography shoot for ALL of my competitors who train with me. I am a published fitness photographer and have worked for several bodybuilding and fitness magazines and you can see my some of my work with fitness, figure, bikini and bodybuilders here.

If you are looking for a quick fix, and extreme measures, then we are not the trainers for you, but if you are serious about putting in the work to create a healthy, contest winning physique that you can keep all year round, then I will be more than happy to have you as one of our future champions!”- Kevin Richardson

Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Pre Contest Programs


Includes 1-on-1 personal training, gym pass for the day and dietary consultation.


20 SESSION PACKAGE: $95 per session

$1,900.00 Prepaid

Includes 1-on-1 personal training 3 times a week, gym membership, and personalized 24/7 pre contest diet support via our custom apps. Posing instruction and a free fitness photoshoot is also included at no extra cost.


50 SESSION PACKAGE: $80 per session (Best For Long Term Goals!)

$4,000.00 Prepaid

Includes 1-on-1 personal training 3 times a week, gym membership, and personalized 24/7 pre contest diet support via our custom apps.



Online Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Pre Contest Packages



$400.00 Prepaid

Includes 1-on-1 video conferencing, training routines and personalized pre-contest diet support via our custom apps.

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Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini & Physique Alumni

Not Bad For Training Only Three Days A Week!

Because it`s three days a week with soul crunching intensity non stop for the past 33 years.

There`s no gimmick to it and it means being uncompromisingly all in for your workouts and with your nutrition.

I don`t think there`s that much that special about me.

There`s nothing enhanced, nothing boosted by testosterone and there weren`t any special "supplements" along the way.

Just three days of blistering hard work each week and meticulous attention to what I eat.

Being 90% on point each week means you are 100% off after 10 weeks and I can`t emphasize enough how much of a difference unshakeable consistency makes to your overall results.

Most of the natural athletes didn`t get where they are by any genetic advantage, they just did what is so very rare- which is stick to their process 100%.

It`s not easy as it`s not always easy and certainly not always popular, but you owe it to yourself to see just how far you can go if you go all in!

Looking forward to seeing your results and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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What I Eat To Stay Lean and Keep Building Muscle All Year Round.

If there every was a "secret" to how I consistently stay in shape (and almost 20 years since my last competition) the answer would be my diet.

Diet is the deciding factor in what your body looks like and your overall performance and I want to stress that while this is a layout of the foods I eat on a daily basis, it`s not a blueprint for your YOU should be eating.

What it can be is an example of what it takes to maintain a certain degree of size and muscularity at all times as a natural athlete, and also the underlying principle to how I select my foods.

Which is that I don`t eat junk foods or highly processed foods and I only drink water.

(No protein shakes, ever!)

If you can start with that, there`s no doubt that you will be on the right track in terms of your nutrition.

So stay away from processed foods, know that I believe in you and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Post workout physique check in.

The contest gets closer and closer as the sun meanders across the sky, as my contest is and always will be, did I do everything I possibly could that day to improve?

Did I train hard enough?

Did I push it enough?

The dietary part isn`t an issue.

It hasn`t been for many years as I always make sure that my nutrition is on point, and there`s no leeway on that front.

I don`t feel good when I`m not eating optimally, and I respect myself enough to not settle into a place where not feeling my best is the norm.

And to be honest, it feels really good to put my head down at the end of the day knowing that I gave it my all.

Not that I was the best or was even necessarily successful at everything that I set out to accomplish, but knowing that I gave everything nonetheless.

It`s a feeling I want everyone to have.

To sleep soundly knowing that you gave it your all.

That you didn`t miss an opportunity to improve on what you are passionate about, because in so doing, you experience an eagerness to do the same the next day.

It`s the ultimate contest and I invite everyone to submit their application forms, as it`s one of the few competitions where everyone who does the work and shows up, is in the winner`s circle.

Keep striving, keep pushing and as always, Excelsior! #naturallyintense

(Thanks @indi.anna.r or taking the shot, as I know your arm was probably shaking after that workout!)

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Motivation vs Discipline. What You Really Need To Be Successful!

I am often asked what was my motivation to keep going starting off as a skinny 125lb kid who no one believed could ever be a successful bodybuilder.

The answer is that motivation didn`t have that much to do with it.

Motivation may have played a part in getting me started, but it was discipline that got me to where I wanted to be.

Motivation is fleeting and ephemeral, it`s not always going to be there and on the days when you don`t feel like eating right or training hard, you need a disciplined practice to see you through.

A disciplined practiced based on doing what you need to do to be successful regardless of the circumstances.

That`s how I made it through all those tough times when I felt I wasn`t getting anywhere, and it`s what will help you as well.

So forget motivation, focus on building a disciplined practice, know that I believe in you and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Kevin`s Ultimate Secret Six Pack Abs Tip!

If you ever wondered how I maintain a six pack all year round and have kept that six pack for decades on end, here`s the secret.

This is one tip that will honestly get you on the path to a six pack.

There`s no magic to it.

But if you follow this simple piece of advice, you will be able to do a lot more than get yourself a six pack, as it`s a proven formula for success.

Give it a try and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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