Celebrity Personal Trainer Kevin Richardson

Celebrity Personal Trainer Kevin Richardson



  • Celebrity Personal Trainer to Actors, Singers, Politicians and CEOs
  • 7 Time Winner Best Of Manhattan Awards For Personal Training – 2020, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012
  • The First International Fitness & Nutrition Consultant For UNICEF
  • Creator of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training
  • Lifetime Drug Free Natural Bodybuilding Champion
  • Trainer of Professional Drug Free Bodybuilders, Figure and Bikini Competitors
  • Recognized World Authority On High Intensity Training
  • Head Instructor Amegakurekan School Of Ninjutsu
  • Featured In Numerous Media including the Wall Street Journal & CBS News
  • Over 2.6 Million Blog Readers Readers
  • 30 Years Of Personal Training Experience

Celebrity New York City personal trainer Kevin Richardson is the creator of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training and the founder of Manhattan’s Naturally Intense Personal Training Services. (Note that as of March 2nd 2020 Online Personal Training and Diet Coaching with Celebrity Online Trainer Kevin Richardson is now available). A former international fitness and nutrition consultant for UNICEF, Kevin is also a highly prized guest speaker at corporate events, working with major international corporations to help improve the health of their employees with his time saving workouts. In a career that has spanned over quarter of a century, he has helped hundreds of clients from celebrities to CEO’s to regular New Yorkers achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals with his program of short-duration, high-intensity workouts. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Kevin grew up in a fitness-oriented family. He was a painfully thin child who preferred reading books – especially comic books – to playing sports, and often found himself the target of schoolyard bullies. The best way to stand up to them, he decided, was to be like the comic-book heroes he idolized, so he began martial arts training at the age of nine. As he became proficient in karate and ninjutsu, he was, indeed, better able to take care of himself. Unfortunately, while he could fight, he didn’t look like he could; he remained a scrawny kid who had to prove himself over and over. Eventually, he decided it wasn’t enough that he could fight like his comic-book heroes – he needed to look like them, too.

Kevin 1 month before he started training! Kevin 1 month before he started training!
“I didn’t always look the way I do today, and as a father of 5, professional photographer, martial arts teacher and small business owner there is no way I could have done it and maintained my current level of fitness if I had to spend hours at the gym! I am, and always will be “Client #1” as for the past 30 years I have trained no more than three times a week with the same brief high intensity workouts that we use with our clients. Workouts that have helped me achieve the highest possible levels of strength, muscle development and physical fitness. Best of all, I did it all without drugs and have helped people see that you don’t need drugs to build a great physique! It’s been a long journey! When I started out almost three decades ago there were no studies backing up my form of high intensity training, just my success and the success of my clients. So it’s heartening to see more and more science based studies validating the effectiveness of short high intensity workouts!

Following in the footsteps of his father, brother and cousin, he began training at age fourteen in natural bodybuilding, a branch of the sport that rejects performance-enhancing drugs. Frustrated that he was progressing slowly and that all the hours of weight training were taking time away from his martial arts studies, Kevin did what any nerdy kid would do: He began reading every book he could find about physiology and kinesiology. Drawing on his marital arts training, which used brief, brutally intense movements to strengthen the body and mind, he began developing, through trial and error, a system of short, high-intensity workouts that helped transform him from a skinny, 125-pound teenager into a 205-pound natural bodybuilder. His 2005 DVD, Naturally Intense, was a one of the first documentaries ever made by a lifetime drug free bodybuilder. (Get a copy at Amazon.com!) Learn about Kevin’s Bodybuilding Personal Training Services here!

Celebrity Trainer Kevin Richardson today! Celebrity Trainer Kevin Richardson today!

A husband and father at age twenty, Kevin left the Caribbean for New York in search of a better life for his family. He found a second home at Brooklyn’s legendary Fifth Avenue Gym, which produced more natural bodybuilding champions than any other facility of its kind. For fifteen years, he worked by day in social services, running a recreational therapy program for people with AIDS and formerly homeless New Yorkers, and by night at the Fifth Avenue Gym, doing personal training. Inspired by his own success, Kevin spent the first ten years of his personal-training career refining the principles of high-intensity training and applying them to his clients. Committed to the scientific method, he set out not to prove but to disprove the effectiveness of ten-minute high-intensity workouts. It wasn’t enough that the system worked for him and his first set of clients; he wanted to determine if the results could be replicated consistently by a wide variety of individuals with a wide range of fitness levels and goals. And indeed, he found that Naturally Intense High-Intensity Training worked for men and women from their 20’s to their 70’s whether they were trying to lose weight, increase endurance, build muscle mass, enhance overall fitness, or develop a world-class physique.

In early 2009, at the depth of the last recession, Kevin took a leap of faith, leaving his job in social services to bring the Naturally Intense 10-Minute Workout to a larger audience. Headquartered in the Chelsea/Flatiron District, his personal-training business was honored with the Best of Manhattan Award in 2012, 2013,2014, 2016 and 2017. His clients have included various celebrities, actors, politicians, business executives, athletes, models, natural-physique competitors, Navy SEALs, and plenty of ordinary folks. Some have traveled regularly from as far away as London and Singapore to train with him, while others have commuted weekly from Massachusetts and North Carolina. Kevin is a a major figure in the fitness community with over 2 million readers of his award-winning blog (naturallyintense.net/blog), and his Naturally Intense 10-Minute Workout has reached a broader audience over the years through features on CBS on the Couch, Fox 5 Good Day New York, and the CBS Morning News, The Daily Mail and The Wall Street Journal. Kevin is also a highly in demand public speaker, and is often hired to speak about his own journey and present his unique Naturally Intense methodology of better results in less time at conferences across the country. A true Renaissance Man, Kevin is also an internationally published fitness and dance photographer and he is the creator of the overwhelmingly popular, Dance As Art- The New York City Dance Photography Project, a celebration of dancers photographed at iconic locations in New York City, which has been exhibited both locally here in New York City and internationally. You can see his extensive range of work at his official website at www.danceasart.com.



Celebrity personal trainer New York City Kevin Richardson on CBS News


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Build Muscle In Less Time!

For the past 34 years I have been training with what I call Naturally Intense High Intensity Training- with workouts lasting 10, 15 to max 20 minutes just three times a week.

To many it may sound like some form of maintenance training or something that just works for me and it isn`t!

It`s what helped me go from being a skinny teenager to being able to compete successfully as a natural bodybuilder, but more importantly, it`s helped hundreds of men and women realize their goals over the past three decades of my career as a trainer.

It`s groundbreaking as the number one reason for people not training is LACK OF TIME- and with this form of training, time is no longer an issue!

If you would like to learn more visit my website, check out my YouTube channel or simply reach out, as I am always more than happy to talk about it!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work and as always, Excelsior!! #naturallyintense

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High Intensity Training: 80lb Kevin Flyes for 6 Reps!

Last set and going all out on this flye variation that my clients like to call "Kevin flyes."

It starts in the press position and you push up while rotating the dumbbells so they end with palms facing you.

Unlike a regular flye, it maintains tension in your chest muscles throughout the movement and also creates a strong contraction in your sternal pectorals.

This was the last set and I fought hard for the last one!

Give it a try next time you train chest and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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You Don`t Need Protein Right After A Workout To Build Muscle!

Over the course of almost 36 years of training, I have seldom ever had protein within a half an hour of training.

I don`t consume protein shakes, and for the four years that I did when I was having them immediately after training, my notes revealed absolutely no increases in strength or muscle size compared to when I was not using them.

It`s a myth that goes a long way in selling protein shakes and protein bars, but the reality is that you can make gains as long as you are getting the protein you need. (Which, by the way, isn`t an exorbitant amount!)

Thanks for watching and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Next Time Someone Says You Are On Steroids Watch This!

It`s a sad state of affairs as a lot of natural athletes have to deal with constant accusations of drug use, when they are in fact lifetime natural and what they have achieved isn`t necessarily unattainable by most people who just put in the work and time.

People change all the time, and there are so many examples of it around us, but somehow when it comes to fitness, there`s a sense that we are destined to remain the same unless there is some degree of chemical enhancement.

That`s a dangerous mindset as it makes it more likely for people to consider using steroids and other potentially harmful drugs, and more importantly, it hinders us from believing in ourselves and our own innate potential.

We are capable of far more than we realize, and if you make some progress and someone asks if you are using drugs, watch this video and I hope it can give you some perspective.

Stay the path, know that I believe in you and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Lever Arm Bench Presses 325lbs for 9 Hard Reps!

This was my last set and I debated whether I should go up in weight or not, but I went for it!

These are pause presses.

Full stop at the bottom of the movement which means you need to generate more force to get the weight up each rep, thus increasing the overall intensity significantly.

I fought hard but by rep number 8, gravity and pure muscle fatigue were starting to get the best of me but I pushed with all I could for one final partial rep!

For the gear heads, it`s @betitanfit Lever Arms on a @roguefitness Monster Lite Rack with a @powertec bench.

Still training and I hope you are too!!!

Thanks for watching and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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