Nutritionist Services | Naturally Intense Personal Training NYC

Nutritionist Services | Naturally Intense Personal Training NYC


We meet with you and go over your goals and current dietary practices with no judgements to learn more about you and what would be the best approach for you in terms of achieving your goals with the resources available to you and your individual circumstances.


Kevin designs a custom eating plan for you taking into account your individual needs and preferences. Menu options are given to those who eat out regularly for the restaurants they frequent, and Kevin will even make up a grocery list just for you if you need it.


Kevin sends you a personalized plan along with a listing of foods you can add to your diet at any time and a list of foods you should be avoiding given your particular goals. This is all sent via our custom app which will allow you to have your eating plan on hand wherever you go. You will also eBooks and links to Kevin’s award winning blog articles on nutrition. You will join the over 2.4 million readers of Kevin’s blog and get cutting edge and science based answers to your nutritional questions and tips on how to stay on track based on Kevin’s 28 years of helping people eat better and achieve their fitness goals!

Some people benefit from tracking their food and with our app you have the option to track your intake easily on your phone simply by taking a picture. This can help keep you accountable as Kevin and his team will be able to see what you are eating and answer any questions you have as you will be connected 24/7 with us!


Ongoing support! One reason why most diets fail is that they are not customized for the individual. From the feedback we get from you, we will make adjustments as necessary to keep you on track, as our goal is long term adherence to a healthy eating plan. Helping a client temporarily lose weight or improve their health markers isn’t our goal, as we see our job as complete only when you are able to eat as you should without thinking twice about it.


The high intensity training helps as the changes in your body require changes in your nutritional intake, so those who struggle with eating junk foods, find it much easier to eat better not because they are told to do so, but because their body naturally gravitates towards the foods that it needs. Kevin’s philosophy is that if you change the body, the mind will follow and this combination has been tremendously successful in helping literally hundreds improve their eating habits. It sounds too good to be true, but it really does work! Couple that with real time support from one of the most accomplished trainers and the international fitness and dietary consultant for UNICEF’s staff and you know that you will be on the road to success!

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