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Unlock Your Natural Potential By Varying Your Workouts!
For the past 32 years I have always done a different workout every time I trained.

I have never followed a set program of exercises and the only unifying aspect of my workouts is the blistering intensity!

I train three times a week with a protocol I call Naturally Intense High Intensity Training, and what distinguishes it from other forms of high intensity training is the constant variety.

Muscles grow in response to overload and UNACCUSTOMED stimulation.

Remember when you first started training how effective everything seemed to be, but over time that progress slowly ground to a halt.

You change your routine and see some progress, but the gains in size and strength inevitably fall off over time if you don`t make a change.

Now what if you never left that "beginner gains" stage and were always training with different exercises and radically different ways of doing the exercises every single time?

You would be where I am, not having experienced a plateau over the past 32 years and be able to really start unlocking your natural potential!

How does it all work, and how would you measure progression? Watch the full video on YouTube by clicking on my bio link, or going to my YouTube channel (Naturally Intense) and see for yourself!

I really think it can help make a difference in your overall progress, and best of all, it helps you avoid injuries so you can keep training hard for years on end! Thanks in advance for watching and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Do This To Transform Your Home Gym Into A Real Gym!

With so many of us training at home, some miss that commercial gym feeling, and in this video we go over how you can easily capture that real gym vibe!

With this in place, you`ll feel like you never left commercial gyms behind!!!🤣

With this in place, training at home will make you feel like you are still in a commercial gym!!!

I do hope that you get as much of a laugh from the video as @egcitrin and I had making it for you!

Thanks so much for tuning in and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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This is 49.

Thankful for one more round around the sun.

And every year I take a photo of myself around my birthday to show where I am as the years go by. It`s been 19 years now since my last contest, and here I am.

There`s no major diet changes for the shoot, nor is there any change in training. This is just me as I am all the time.

And it`s important as I hope it gives you a sense of what can be achieved without drugs, without steroids, GH, TRT, protein shakes, fat burners, pre-workouts and whatever newfangled supplement phases in and out of popularity.

This is just hard work, dedication and time.

(And if I`m honest, every year I feel more and more self conscious about these shots, and I hurt my wrist recently and had this crazy idea that I would be completely lopsided as I can`t do certain movements of late. All of which was in my head and I took the darn photos anyway.)

I hope they inspire you on your path, and I hope you find a path of peace and transcendence as I have, that rewards you not so much by how you look, but by how you feel following it! As that`s the "secret" if there ever was one!

Thanks in advance for the well wishes, know that I believe in you and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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The Surprising Truth: Steroid & Natural Bodybuilders Look Alike To Most People!

Click on my bio link to see it or go to my YouTube Channel: Naturally Intense!

In this video I talk about the fact that the general public can`t tell the difference between a steroid using bodybuilder and a high level natural bodybuilder.

As far as most people are concerned, we are all lumped in the same box, and to highlight this, I talk about the time that my good friend, Kai Greene and I were guest posing at a local high school show and then top IFBB Pro Orville Burke showed up to guest pose as well.

Orville was two weeks away from winning the 2000 Night Of The Champions hands down and looked incredible!

But even though he outweighed us by about 50lbs or so,(and looked nothing like us!) the audience could not tell the difference!

It`s a story and I go over as well why it`s so hard for people to spot someone using drugs.

A slip that allows for so many actors to obviously use steroids and get away with lying about it by claiming their 6 month 30lbs of new muscle-ripped-to-shreds-physique came from "eating a lot of chicken breasts and training every day."

A slip that conversely makes it such that we natural athletes are constantly being accused of using steroids, when anyone in the sport can clearly see that nothing could be further from the truth!

It`s a really great piece and you can access it by clicking on my bio link.

Thanks as always for taking the time to look at my work and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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80lb One Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Presses (I Hurt My Wrist)

So I flipped my bike, did a full aerial rotation and landed superhero style- BUT while I often dress like a superhero I am still quite human, so I really hurt my wrist.

But that, of course, won`t stop me!

If one side hurts, use the other side and this is my last all out set with 80lbs for 8 reps, and I would have gone heavier but there`s a point where just balancing the weight on one side becomes almost impossible!

So still training and I hope you are too!!!

Thanks for tuning in and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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