Online Personal Training & Diet Coaching With Online Trainer Kevin Richardson

Online Personal Training & Diet Coaching With Online Trainer Kevin Richardson

Celebrity online personal trainer Kevin Richardson. Founder Naturally Intense Online Personal Training

Whether you have equipment or none at all, whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, real time one on one training with celebrity online personal trainer and diet coach Kevin Richardson and his handpicked team is the online personal training and nutrition program for you!

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Online Personal Training and Online Diet Coaching Programs Include:

Our online personal training clients- real people and real results.

“The online workouts are even more intense than the ones in the gym!”

10 Year Client Testimonial

“With everything going on I was thinking the stay-at-home-workouts without any weights or equipment wouldn’t be much of anything but I am really enjoying them!”

3 Year Client Testimonial

“I was expecting the online training to be less than what I was getting in the gym, and I am surprised at how effective the workout was!”

5 Year Client Testimonial

“These workouts are the highlight of my day and I am super sore from the last one!”

4 Year Client Testimonial

Online Training prices range from $140-$75 per session, include around-the-clock dietary support and free dumbbells with select packages!


Free online personal training consultation with trainer Kevin Richardson

Kevin’s online personal training program is one of the BEST ways to stay motivated and training hard during these times of limited movement! There is only so much you can get from watching pre-packaged YouTube and Instagram videos, as now more than ever you need an expert in the field to help guide you so you can get the most effective online workouts possible based on what YOU have available, and to create online training programs based on YOUR goals and fitness levels! No one is more qualified and more experienced in online personal training than Kevin and his team! Our personal training clients here in New York City are using our online training during this time as an opportunity to get into the best shape of their lives, and now you can too! Whether your goal is weight loss, a special event, bodybuilding competition, film, photoshoot or you just want to stay in shape and keep your immune system healthy, this online personal training and diet coaching program is the one for you!


Online Personal Trainer NYC Kevin Richardson showing his weight loss program on CBS!
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A Track Record Of Online Personal Training Success

Kevin's online personal training has seen him train people online in almost every country!
Read on to hear how Kevin worked online with UNICEF!

“It was great experience and I liked the way the instructor took his time to understand me like my diet, exercise schedule and had a 45 minutes Skype call to get all my history and then develop a tailored made programme for me including the nutritional and exercise recommendations.”

UNICEF Staff member

From 2018 to 2019 after an extensive vetting process, Kevin was selected as the first online Fitness and Nutrition Consultant for UNICEF. Working daily with 417 humanitarian aid workers in crisis countries such as Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan many of whom were confined to life in compounds with little in the way of equipment. Kevin designed personalized dietary exercise guides for each participant based on what they had at hand and custom eating plans with the foods they had available.

The project was so successful that it had an unprecedented 93.4% satisfaction rating and an average reported weight loss of 13 lbs!

30 Years Of Personal Training Excellence

Winner of the Best of Manhattan Awards for Personal Training 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013 and 2012, Kevin has helped thousands of men and women, from celebrities to CEO’s, bodybuilders to housewives and everyone in between over the past 29 years of his career as a personal trainer and founder of Naturally Intense Personal Training. A lifetime drug free bodybuilding champion, and featured everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to CBS News, if you are looking for an online personal training and diet coach with a PROVEN track record of helping people lose weight and get into shape then this is the program for you!

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