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Read Kevin’s article in the Wall Street Journal : Personal Trainers Who Really, Really Specialize!

Read how Kevin and his team are helping UNICEF Humanitarian Aid workers around the world with his high intensity training and dietary principles- Naturally Intense Provides Health & Fitness Programming For UNICEF

Kevin is frequent fitness expert consultant for the Daily Mail.  Read his contributions here:

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How To Mentally Prepare Yourself for A Workout



Critically acclaimed documentary showing the Naturally Intense High Intensity Training™ principles that allowed Kevin Richardson to transform himself from a 125 lb teenager into a 225 lb bodybuilding champion- without drugs. One of the first videos featuring a lifetime drug free bodybuilder on the market. Available on Clips and more information available here.


Biceps shot!

When someone says, "Show me your muscles!"

It`s not a call to see your hamstrings, your lats or your delts, it`s all about your biceps!

And I remember having arms that were just painfully thin and the first day, after years of training that someone said, "Show me your muscles", and they were actually impressed by what they saw.

It took years.

Not weeks, not months, years!

And during those years there was always the sense of not getting anywhere, as progress as a natural athlete is always slower than you might expect (especially as a teenager!)

But I hung in there and the lesson behind it is to always keep going!!!

Too many fail to reach their potential or turn to drugs out of a sense that they don`t have what it takes, when it`s really a matter of needing more work and more time.

So stay the course, believe in the Path, know that I believe in you and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Build Muscle In Less Time!

For the past 34 years I have been training with what I call Naturally Intense High Intensity Training- with workouts lasting 10, 15 to max 20 minutes just three times a week.

To many it may sound like some form of maintenance training or something that just works for me and it isn`t!

It`s what helped me go from being a skinny teenager to being able to compete successfully as a natural bodybuilder, but more importantly, it`s helped hundreds of men and women realize their goals over the past three decades of my career as a trainer.

It`s groundbreaking as the number one reason for people not training is LACK OF TIME- and with this form of training, time is no longer an issue!

If you would like to learn more visit my website, check out my YouTube channel or simply reach out, as I am always more than happy to talk about it!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work and as always, Excelsior!! #naturallyintense

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High Intensity Training: 80lb Kevin Flyes for 6 Reps!

Last set and going all out on this flye variation that my clients like to call "Kevin flyes."

It starts in the press position and you push up while rotating the dumbbells so they end with palms facing you.

Unlike a regular flye, it maintains tension in your chest muscles throughout the movement and also creates a strong contraction in your sternal pectorals.

This was the last set and I fought hard for the last one!

Give it a try next time you train chest and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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You Don`t Need Protein Right After A Workout To Build Muscle!

Over the course of almost 36 years of training, I have seldom ever had protein within a half an hour of training.

I don`t consume protein shakes, and for the four years that I did when I was having them immediately after training, my notes revealed absolutely no increases in strength or muscle size compared to when I was not using them.

It`s a myth that goes a long way in selling protein shakes and protein bars, but the reality is that you can make gains as long as you are getting the protein you need. (Which, by the way, isn`t an exorbitant amount!)

Thanks for watching and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Next Time Someone Says You Are On Steroids Watch This!

It`s a sad state of affairs as a lot of natural athletes have to deal with constant accusations of drug use, when they are in fact lifetime natural and what they have achieved isn`t necessarily unattainable by most people who just put in the work and time.

People change all the time, and there are so many examples of it around us, but somehow when it comes to fitness, there`s a sense that we are destined to remain the same unless there is some degree of chemical enhancement.

That`s a dangerous mindset as it makes it more likely for people to consider using steroids and other potentially harmful drugs, and more importantly, it hinders us from believing in ourselves and our own innate potential.

We are capable of far more than we realize, and if you make some progress and someone asks if you are using drugs, watch this video and I hope it can give you some perspective.

Stay the path, know that I believe in you and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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