Free Weight Loss Ebook-  HIT 10 Minute Workouts & Fat Loss

Free Weight Loss Ebook- HIT 10 Minute Workouts & Fat Loss


Free Weight Loss Ebook on the Role Of Exercise On Reducing Abdominal Fat

If you are like most people, you probably are a bit tired of the rhetoric regarding what you need to do to reduce fat around your midsection. Fortunately we live in an age where technology helps us to understand how our bodies actually burn body fat and what the latest research in indoor calorimetry has revealed, is that you don’t really burn off that much fat by doing cardio and conventional training. I stumbled across my particular form of high intensity training as a skinny kid trying to build muscle, and weight loss was certainly not a priority at the time. But when I became a trainer and started applying the same principles, I was shocked to see just how effective it was for helping men and women reduce their body fat. There weren’t any studies back then to back up what I was doing, just my own success as a natural bodybuilding champion and my clients who lost as much 100 lbs doing my high intensity 10 minute workouts just three times a week.


Today, almost 30 years (and hundreds of satisfied clients) later, there are numerous studies that validate the effectiveness of high intensity training for reducing body fat. My training protocols have made me one of the most sought after trainers in New York City, I’ve won numerous awards for personal training, I regularly am flown in to speak at prestigious events about my style of training and am currently the International Fitness Consultant for UNICEF. It’s been a long road from being the crazy kid with the 10 minute workout, to where I am today and I am honored to be able to share with you a free weight loss ebook based on evidence based science that shows how and why conventional training tends to fail, and how high intensity protocols can make you truly lose the fat around your midsection.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps you get better results in less time!


Warmest regards,


Kevin Richardson, Founder Naturally Intense Personal Training

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