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Want to build muscle without drugs and achieve that ripped and muscular look? Here’s how lifetime drug free bodybuilding champion and personal trainer Kevin Richardson can help you :

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Bodybuilding personal trainer & coach Kevin Richardson! Bodybuilding personal trainer & coach Kevin Richardson!

I wasn’t always a natural bodybuilder and personal trainer. I started out at a painfully thin 6 ft and 125 lbs wanting more than anything to like Batman and be one of the best natural bodybuilders alive. I was told flat out that as skinny as I was, I’d never build enough muscle to achieve that look. Unfazed, I spent years learning everything I could about how the human body works, and I came across some very important biological truths that were key to my success. Truths that called for me training just 10-20 minutes three times a week!

Unconventional, yes, but it worked! Not only was I able to become one of the top natural bodybuilders of my time, but I did it without drugs! Best of all, the small time commitment allowed me to have a life! I was the first lifetime drug free bodybuilder to have a successful DVD on the market (Get a copy of Kevin’s Natural Bodybuilding DVD on Amazon) and for the past several decades as a bodybuilding coach and personal trainer, I have helped hundreds build muscle and achieve that ripped and well muscled look.

I’ve worked with some of the top names in the fitness industry, some of whom have gone on to compete on a professional level both in the natural and IFBB level- I was even the point man for Kai Greene backstage at all of his contests up to when he turned pro. I’ve worked with natural bodybuilders, figure and bikini competitors and men and mostly men and women who don’t want to compete but who wish to have that LOOK all year round without using drugs or resorting to extreme diets! In 28 years as a bodybuilding trainer, I’ve helped a lot of people and here’s how my high intensity training will help you:

Anthony Mendoza went from 205lbs to this with high intensity training, diet & no cardio! Anthony Mendoza went from 205lbs to this with high intensity training, diet & no cardio!


The challenge and the advantage of my Naturally Intense 10-Minute High Intensity Workout is that it allows you to override your instincts and choose the path of greatest, not least, resistance.

The whole point of my high intensity training method is to get the maximum return on your investment of time and effort in the gym– the biggest bang for your buck!

That’s how you burn the most body fat, build the most muscle and get stronger and the key to accomplishing that goal is to choose exercises that are so demanding that you’d rather not do them and to perform those exercises in ways that make you want to stop as soon as possible. If that sounds counterintuitive, it is. However, the people who get the best results from their training are the ones who choose the most taxing exercises.

Success Story and bodybuilder Jay Larcher was able to successfully compete in the condition you see here with no cardio! Success Story and bodybuilder Jay Larcher was able to successfully compete in the condition you see here with no cardio!

The conventional approach of doing set after set of heavy exercises for an hour five to six days a week will only get you but so far, and you’ll never really train at the intensity you need to maximize your results.

With my high intensity training, you’ll be spend only a few minutes doing any one exercise.

You’ll perform compound movements that work several muscles at once and implement my high-intensity training principles to get the most out of them and in a way that ensures that you never get injured!

Yes, it’s hard, but the point of high-intensity training is that as hard as it may be, it’s doable, and nearly anyone, regardless of fitness level, can do it – and do it well.

Success Story Christine Coen Success Story Christine Coen


When you train, muscles are broken down and it is only when you rest that they are able to build themselves bigger and stronger than they were before. That’s why you train only 3 days a week and rest for 4 days, as those rest days are critical to optimizing your muscle growth.

Combine that with personalized and ongoing dietary support, and you will certainly make the most of your workouts and see results in as little as two weeks! Since our workouts are always changing and get harder as you get stronger and fitter, you’ll never hit a plateau and will always keep getting better as time goes on!

Best of all there is no cardio as the workouts and diet will help you burn fat and maintain muscle mass. A process that allows you to get in shape and stay that way long term!

Personal Trainer NYC, Kevin Richardson


bodybuilding personal training exercises

Answer: By training at high intensity for SHORT periods of time and if the workout only lasts 10 minutes, ANYONE can do it!




Not Bad For Training Only Three Days A Week!

Because it`s three days a week with soul crunching intensity non stop for the past 33 years.

There`s no gimmick to it and it means being uncompromisingly all in for your workouts and with your nutrition.

I don`t think there`s that much that special about me.

There`s nothing enhanced, nothing boosted by testosterone and there weren`t any special "supplements" along the way.

Just three days of blistering hard work each week and meticulous attention to what I eat.

Being 90% on point each week means you are 100% off after 10 weeks and I can`t emphasize enough how much of a difference unshakeable consistency makes to your overall results.

Most of the natural athletes didn`t get where they are by any genetic advantage, they just did what is so very rare- which is stick to their process 100%.

It`s not easy as it`s not always easy and certainly not always popular, but you owe it to yourself to see just how far you can go if you go all in!

Looking forward to seeing your results and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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What I Eat To Stay Lean and Keep Building Muscle All Year Round.

If there every was a "secret" to how I consistently stay in shape (and almost 20 years since my last competition) the answer would be my diet.

Diet is the deciding factor in what your body looks like and your overall performance and I want to stress that while this is a layout of the foods I eat on a daily basis, it`s not a blueprint for your YOU should be eating.

What it can be is an example of what it takes to maintain a certain degree of size and muscularity at all times as a natural athlete, and also the underlying principle to how I select my foods.

Which is that I don`t eat junk foods or highly processed foods and I only drink water.

(No protein shakes, ever!)

If you can start with that, there`s no doubt that you will be on the right track in terms of your nutrition.

So stay away from processed foods, know that I believe in you and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Post workout physique check in.

The contest gets closer and closer as the sun meanders across the sky, as my contest is and always will be, did I do everything I possibly could that day to improve?

Did I train hard enough?

Did I push it enough?

The dietary part isn`t an issue.

It hasn`t been for many years as I always make sure that my nutrition is on point, and there`s no leeway on that front.

I don`t feel good when I`m not eating optimally, and I respect myself enough to not settle into a place where not feeling my best is the norm.

And to be honest, it feels really good to put my head down at the end of the day knowing that I gave it my all.

Not that I was the best or was even necessarily successful at everything that I set out to accomplish, but knowing that I gave everything nonetheless.

It`s a feeling I want everyone to have.

To sleep soundly knowing that you gave it your all.

That you didn`t miss an opportunity to improve on what you are passionate about, because in so doing, you experience an eagerness to do the same the next day.

It`s the ultimate contest and I invite everyone to submit their application forms, as it`s one of the few competitions where everyone who does the work and shows up, is in the winner`s circle.

Keep striving, keep pushing and as always, Excelsior! #naturallyintense

(Thanks @indi.anna.r or taking the shot, as I know your arm was probably shaking after that workout!)

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Motivation vs Discipline. What You Really Need To Be Successful!

I am often asked what was my motivation to keep going starting off as a skinny 125lb kid who no one believed could ever be a successful bodybuilder.

The answer is that motivation didn`t have that much to do with it.

Motivation may have played a part in getting me started, but it was discipline that got me to where I wanted to be.

Motivation is fleeting and ephemeral, it`s not always going to be there and on the days when you don`t feel like eating right or training hard, you need a disciplined practice to see you through.

A disciplined practiced based on doing what you need to do to be successful regardless of the circumstances.

That`s how I made it through all those tough times when I felt I wasn`t getting anywhere, and it`s what will help you as well.

So forget motivation, focus on building a disciplined practice, know that I believe in you and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Kevin`s Ultimate Secret Six Pack Abs Tip!

If you ever wondered how I maintain a six pack all year round and have kept that six pack for decades on end, here`s the secret.

This is one tip that will honestly get you on the path to a six pack.

There`s no magic to it.

But if you follow this simple piece of advice, you will be able to do a lot more than get yourself a six pack, as it`s a proven formula for success.

Give it a try and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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