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Unlock Your Potential: The Power of Varying Your Workouts!

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The Power of Varying Your Workouts! High Intensity Training Tips!

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So in this video, I’m talking about the fact that I don’t have a set exercise routine in that I vary my workout every single time I train.

So there’s a lot of unconventional things that I do and have done for the past 30 plus years that have been instrumental in doing everything from helping me put on enough muscle mass to become a natural bodybuilder to competing as a natural bodybuilder.

Natural bodybuilding champion Kevin Richardson has been training this way for over 30 years

And I’d probably say most importantly, to be able to still look like this a year away from my 50th birthday, I train three times a week with workouts that last 10,15, max 20 minutes.

Naturally Intense Personal Training requires new exercises every session

And as unconventional as that sounds, every workout I do is sometimes radically different from the last one.

So the only thing really unifying my workouts is the intensity.

Now, this is the fundamental difference between what I call Naturally Intense High Intensity Training, and other forms of high intensity training. 

In that every workout is unique.

Every Naturally Intense High Intensity Workout is different!

Most important is the fact that I haven’t really seen a plateau over a three decade period.

And that’s been the case as well with clients.

And I have to say that varying my workout has helped me build a balanced physique, helped me increase my overall strength, and most importantly, it’s helped me avoid injuries.

Varying high intensity workouts helps reduce and avoid injuries.

In this video, I’m going to talk about how it’s going to help you as well. Not just make progress, but keep on making progress. 

So stay tuned, let’s talk a little more about this.

So in this video, I’m talking about the fact that I change my workout every single time, and that for a natural athlete, it has worked tremendously throughout my career.

Natural bodybuilder Kevin Richardson changes his high intensity workout every time!

Now, before I go any further, I’d like to thank everyone for tuning in.

I really appreciate the support for this channel, especially those who say this should be a one stop place for anyone interested in training naturally. I truly appreciate it.

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So on to how Kevin trains.

While most exercise plans and the ones that I started training with initially all focus on doing the same thing over and over and then tracking your progression doing a particular set of exercises.

Conventional training focuses on progressions and repetitive movements

One of the universal issues is that at some point in time because muscle growth an increase in muscle strength are adaptations to something that’s new and a stimulation that overloads a muscle in a way it’s not accustomed to.

Over time, we tend to plateau.

You get to a point where you no longer see results, even though when you first started that program, the results were fantastic.

Avoid progress plateaus by varying your training routine

And that’s actually one of the biggest problems in the natural bodybuilding or bodybuilding field in and of itself, in almost any workout program.

High volume, low volume, high intensity, moderate intensity.

If you go from laying on the couch to going in the gym and doing one of those programs, you are going to see some initial progress, even if you’re a veteran lifter. And have been training for a long period of time and you change your workout in a way that’s radically different from what you’re accustomed to.

Muscles adapt to new stimuli like changing your workout routine

For the first couple of weeks, you are going to see some growth and some improvement because it’s stimulating the muscles in a way it’s not accustomed to:

“Which creates major issues trying to figure out what routines work. Because of cost constraints, training studies never last more than a few weeks, which is a problem as almost any new routine will show results over short periods of time. As such it’s HARD to know the LONG TERM efficacy of the protocol being studied which can make it appear that everything works. Which simply isn’t true. And of course they almost never drug test the subjects, leaving most natural athletes genuinely confused about what works.” – Kevin Richardson 

And that leads to another problem in that when someone goes to the gym and starts working out, especially if they’re on their own, is that you fall into the path of least resistance.

Achieving a high enough intensity is important for muscle growth

You go to a place where you have your routine, you know what to do, you have an idea how many sets you’re going to do, how many reps you’re going to do, what weights you’re going to use.

And in the beginning it’s fantastic.

You’re seeing the game, you’re seeing the progress, but over time it’s going to stop inevitably, especially if you’re a natural athlete, because your body’s going to adapt to it.

Variety is key in high intensity training but most stick with one routine overtime

At which point in time people tend to keep on going because they’re comfortable with that particular routine and it doesn’t take that much in the way of brain power to have to figure out how to do something different every single time.

Most people are trapped in their routine and don't have variety in their workouts


But let’s go back to what happens when someone changes their routine, be it a beginner or a veteran lifter.

Because you’re doing something different. Your muscles have no choice but to adapt.

And what I decided to do when I was formulating Naturally Intense High Intensity Training was that every single workout was going to be different.

Your muscles have no choice but to adapt and grow when every routine is different

Which creates a scenario where every single time I train, what I’m doing is something that my muscles aren’t really expecting.

It’s different from what I was doing the week before and the week before that and the week before that.

Now, one other thing that I’ve also observed working in gyms for over 30 years is that most people tend to do more or less 50 or 60 exercises over the course of their entire lifetimes.

Most people and trainers only do 50 to 60 different exercises in their lifetime

And that’s absolutely not the way my approach is.

It’s not just about putting on more weight.

There are also dozens of different ways to increase the intensity.

High intensity training allows you to do different exercises every workout

Supersets compound sets, pyramiding, ultra high repetitions, isometric holds, heavy eccentric training, drop sets, partial reps, and so many more.

Couple them together and you realize that you could literally do a different workout every single time you trained over the course of decades.

Add variety to high intensity training by changing how you do each exercise with timing, reps, super and compound sets

But it does take some preparation.

It also does take a significant understanding and knowledge of all the exercises out there and all the ways that you can increase intensity.

There are endless combinations to add variety to your high intensity training

More importantly, it requires you to be in a place where with those lifts that you really enjoy, that you don’t fall into the trap of doing it over and over.

Now right there, that sparks a question for a lot of people in terms of how do I track progression and I’m a natural bodybuilder.

Bodybuilder Kevin Richardson doesn't focus on how much he lifts for progress even though the weights are quite heavy

My whole goal is to increase muscle mass and be as lean as humanly possible while doing so.

I’m not a powerlifter interested in trying to increase my bench, my squat or my deadlift.

Bodybuilder Kevin Richardson focuses on how he looks and feels to track progression

But that being said, I have been able to lift some pretty impressive weights over the years and I’m still able to do that even though I don’t focus on one particular exercise and keep on changing exercises all the time.

Now, one of the other important benefits that comes from changing your routine every single time is that you don’t have as many injuries.

Varying exercises is important as many weight training injuries come from overuse

Overuse injury comes from doing the same motion over and over.

And I can’t tell you how many men and women have seen over the years who don’t train that heavy or that intensely dealing with seriously chronic injuries because they do the same things.

Repetitive weight training leads to injuries making variety important in training

As a natural athlete, it takes a long time to see results and so you need to make sure you have a routine that’s based on some form of sustainability so you’ll be able to keep on training and keep on making progress as long as I am, if not longer.

Varying your workout helps reduce injury and make training sustainable

I’d like to end by saying just how grateful I am to have been able to make the progress I’ve made over the years and also the privilege to be able to help so many people realize their goals as well.

It’s truly been a blessing and I think that this form of training could help a lot of people realize their goal.

So thanks so much for tuning in, know that I believe in you and as always, Excelsior!

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Featured everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to CBS News, Kevin Richardson’s Naturally Intense High Intensity Training have helped hundreds lose weight and transform their bodies with his 10 Minute Workouts. One of the top natural bodybuilders of his time, Kevin is also the international fitness consultant for UNICEF and one of the top personal trainers in New York City.

Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardsonhttps://www.naturallyintense.net
Featured everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to CBS News, celebrity Personal Trainer NYC and with over 2.6 million readers of his blog, Kevin Richardson is the creator of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training, one of the top lifetime drug free bodybuilders of his time, the first International Fitness & Nutrition Consultant for UNICEF, 2020 and 8 Time Winner of the Best of Manhattan Awards for Personal Training and a world recognized authority on high intensity training. Kevin has helped thousands, from celebrities to CEO's over the past 30 years achieve their fitness goals with his 10 minute high-intensity workouts done just three times a week in conjunction with his holistic nutrition approach. You can learn more about about his diet and training services at www.naturallyintense.net

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