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The Art of Staying Lean All Year Round: Kevin’s Way!

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The Art of Staying Lean All Year Round

So this is a whole new series called From the Bench, where I answer some of the frequently asked questions that I get.

And one question I get is how do I maintain such a high degree of leanness all year round? 

Bodybuilder Kevin Richardson stays lean year round and feels good in doing so

I credit my high intensity training, which does help you burn a significant amount of fat, but there are lots of people out there who do train regularly, and I train three days a week.

That’s not something that’s out of the ordinary.

What’s out of the ordinary is that I don’t have any cheat meal, I only drink water, my diet is always 100% on, and that’s the reason why I look the way I look.

How Natural Bodybuilder Kevin Richardson Stays Lean Year Round with High Intensity Training

But this video is not about how great Kevin looks.

It’s about how you can get to that point as well.

And what I’m going to do in this video is break down exactly what my mindset is and how I actually got to a point where it’s almost effortless to stay on my diet all year round.

Avoiding cheat meals is important in this path based approach to high intensity training

Because at the end of the day, my job isn’t to be a fitness influencer, it’s to try and share with you all the experience I’ve learned over the past 32 years of my being a trainer.

So stay tuned.

I’m going to tell you exactly how it is that I stay on point all year round, and more importantly, how you can do it, too.

Let’s roll the credits.

So another question I get asked all the time is how do you stay lean all the time?

Especially given the fact that I stopped competing in bodybuilding competitions back in 2004.

The answer is simple.

This is a lifestyle for me, but far more than just a lifestyle.

Natural Bodybuilder Kevin Richardson's path based approach to staying lean year round

The Path Based Approach to Staying Lean All Year Round

Within the context of my martial arts training, I was introduced very early on to the idea of “michi” or “do,” which means Path or Way.

Kevin explains his path based approach with high intensity training and bodybuilding

And it’s the same word used in Aikido: the way of harmony, budo, the way of the warrior, and kyudo, the way of the bow.

Aikido uses a path based approach like Kevin's high intensity training

All disciplines whereby the suffix denotes the idea of transcending, the simple realization of physical mastery through decades of training and following a particular practice.

Budo uses a path based approached like Kevin's high intensity training

But instead, it’s a tradition that’s meant to help you achieve a higher state of self realization and self discovery.

Kyudo uses a path based approach like Kevin's high intensity training

That’s what the path for me of high intensity training with the diet bereft of processed foods, cheat meals, drugs or supplements has become you could probably even call it the way of high intensity natural bodybuilding

Kevin's high intensity training means no processed foods, cheat meals, drugs, or supplements

Focusing on Getting Shredded is a Mistake

I couldn’t care less about the fact that my body fat percentage is sub 10%.

I couldn’t care less about the fact that I look the way I look today.

What matters the most is I feel really good when I train the way I train. 

I feel really good when I eat the way I eat.

And at 49 years old, one year away from 50, I can still do pretty much everything I could do when I was in my 20’s and my teens.

That’s priceless.

And in a way, looking the way I do is just the icing on the cake.

Stop focusing on the weight loss.

Focus on the path not on trying to get a six pack

Stop focusing on the six pack.

Focus on the path not on trying to get a six pack or losing weight

Stop focusing on trying to be ripped.

Focus on the path and high intensity training not on getting ripped

Focus instead on not eating processed foods and making sure you get those workouts in. And you’re going to keep on doing it because it feels good. See my article: How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle Naturally And Without Steroids

Benefits of a Path Based Approach

Over time you’re going to get leaner and leaner and more and more muscular.

But even more importantly, you are going to enjoy your life.

Life gets better following the path with high intensity training

Everything is going to be easier.

Going up the stairs gets easier.

Going to bed and sleeping well gets easier.

Sleeping gets easier as you focus on the path, get leaner, and more muscular

Getting out of bed gets easier.

Carrying the groceries gets easier.

Just about everything in everyday life just gets easier.

And it’s no secret whatsoever that we are all getting older. And by following this path you’re going to be independent for as long as possible.

High intensity training and following your diet allows you to be independent

And that’s what health really is.

And if you’d like to learn more about my path-based approach to fitness and training, do be sure to watch my video on spirituality and natural bodybuilding: Natural Bodybuilding as Spiritual Path.

Bodybuilder Kevin Richardson's path based approach gives the reward of always feeling good

So find the Path, stay the Path, know I believe in you. And as always, Excelsior!

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