HomedietWhat To Eat To Lose Weight: The Foods You Need

What To Eat To Lose Weight: The Foods You Need

What To Eat To Lose Weight: The Seminar

In recent years, information on weight loss and what to eat to lose weight and proper nutrition has become a minefield of conflicting and quite often harmful information. Should you be on a low carb diet or a low fat diet? Vegan diet or paleo diet? Should I be doing intermittent fasting or eating every three hours? Do I eat fruit or should I avoid fruit? It’s all far too confusing and makes it almost impossible to know what you should be eating. Add in the advertising propaganda masquerading as nutritional information put out by the food and fitness industries and the enormous media attention given to fad diets and preliminary dietary findings and even the most well-intentioned meaning can find themselves frustrated when trying to decide how to eat to lose weight. Trying diet after diet without much success. Trying diet after diet that all initially seem to work but ultimately fail.

Knowing what to eat and how to eat doesn’t have to be that hard, and for the past 30 years, celebrity trainer Kevin Richardson and founder of Naturally Intense Personal Training has helped thousands of men and women lose weight and most importantly, keep it off with an alarmingly simple and real-science-based approach. In this seminar, Kevin and his award-winning team of trainers will explain in detail the guidelines of how to eat to lose weight and keep it off in addition to taking your questions in this must-see seminar!

What To Eat To Lose Weight Topics:

  • The Biology And Physics Of Weight Loss
  • The Evolution-based Issues That Modern Foods Create
  • Simple Strategies For Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Open Q&A Session 

What to eat to lose weight allowed foods list

Get Kevin’s Allowed Foods Listing For Weight Loss

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Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardsonhttps://www.naturallyintense.net
Featured everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to CBS News, celebrity Personal Trainer NYC and with over 2.6 million readers of his blog, Kevin Richardson is the creator of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training, one of the top lifetime drug free bodybuilders of his time, the first International Fitness & Nutrition Consultant for UNICEF, 2020 and 8 Time Winner of the Best of Manhattan Awards for Personal Training and a world recognized authority on high intensity training. Kevin has helped thousands, from celebrities to CEO's over the past 30 years achieve their fitness goals with his 10 minute high-intensity workouts done just three times a week in conjunction with his holistic nutrition approach. You can learn more about about his diet and training services at www.naturallyintense.net

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