Homenatural-bodybuildingWhy Trying To Increase Testosterone With Supplements Is A Bad Idea

Why Trying To Increase Testosterone With Supplements Is A Bad Idea

Why Trying To Increase Testosterone With Supplements Is A Bad Idea

See the full video here: Why Trying To Increase Testosterone With Supplements Is A Bad Idea


So this video I’m talking about why it is that you don’t want to increase your testosterone.

There’s so many products out there, supplements that claim to be able to help you boost your testosterone levels.

And I think that for the most part,

most of them tend to be pretty much inert,

they don’t do anything at all.

But the problem is that some of them probably do have some

properties that might make an

increase in your testosterone levels, which on the outside sounds like a great thing.

Testosterone helps you build more muscle.

Testosterone is going to give you greater drive. Testosterone is going to make

a very big difference in your quality of life.

Especially if you are on the older side,

in terms of the older, you get the less testosterone you have,

and having a higher testosterone level,

as you get older, sounds like it’s the best thing possible if you want to live

A better life and have more results in the gym.

But there’s a problem with that.

You see these natural testosterone boosters.

They tend to promise a lot, but don’t really deliver.

And if they did deliver, I don’t think that you would be happy with the results because if you did,

somehow find a way to naturally boost your testosterone,

there would be some monumental adverse side effects.


if supplements did boost testosterone it would not be a good thing

In this video, I’m going to talk about

why you don’t want to have your testosterone boosted.

Why, instead you want to do your best to work with what you already have.

Stay tuned and I’ll talk a little more about it.

So today we’re talking about a very controversial subject.

Why should you not want to boost your testosterone levels in a natural way?

Before I go any further, I’d like to thank everyone

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So, onto our topic for today.


In the natural bodybuilding world,

where we don’t use steroids and we don’t use testosterone or any sort of anabolic steroids or anything like that.

You tend to find a lot of athletes who will try to use whatever legal supplement that they can,

that’s purported to help boost testosterone levels.

Now, so far, almost all the legal over the counter

testosterone boosters that are out there.

Regardless of how much press they have,

or what celebrity says, how fantastic they are.

Or what Instagram or social media Maven says,

this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The reality is it doesn’t work.

But here’s what’s more important.

 If it did work, it wouldn’t be a good thing.


And I think we need to move away from this idea that we need to have testosterone boosted.

And I’m going to explain why.

Closed loop negative feedback mechanism

You see our bodies work in what’s called a closed loop negative feedback system.

So in a closed loop system here’s how it works;

Your body has these glands in your brain that regulate how much testosterone you have in your body at any particular point in time.

Now, each of us have a genetically pre-programmed.

amount of testosterone that our body has and that number can vary.

Now, your body always wants to stay in equilibrium and everything.

your body does will always try to do whatever is possible to maintain equilibrium.

Homeostasis. Equilibrium is a very important part of how human biology works.

It’s why when we try to lose weight your body does everything try to maintain the weight.

It doesn’t want to change.

It doesn’t want to shift.

testosterone negative feedback loop

It wants to stay where it is, there’s almost like a biological inertia to us all and the same applies to our endocrine system.

So if let’s say you have a certain amount of testosterone going through your body and you took something that elevated it.

That elevation is going to send a signal to glands in your brain that are going to say,

“Okay. We have more testosterone in our body that we normally would have, so stop making testosterone!”

So, the way you’d experience that if you took a natural testosterone boosting supplement that did work,

(Now notice. I said if it did work as most of them, don’t work.)

You may see an increase in muscle mass.

You may see an increase in your sex drive.

But what will happen is your body will stop making it’s natural testosterone because your body is going to say,

“Well, if we have more than we’re used to having, why do we have to keep on making any?”

Remember your body wants to maintain equilibrium but your body also is not going to try to do more than it needs to.

So, you’re going to shut down your natural testosterone system.

And when you stop taking that particular supplement, what’s going to happen is that you’re going to have a low testosterone level.

lowered testosterone side effects from supplements

Because your body is not me making that much testosterone, which is going to lead to a loss of muscle mass, which is going to lead to a loss of sex drive, which is going to lead to depression.

And it can be very crippling depression, especially in men.

And I don’t think that going in, people understand what the adverse effects can be.

I have always, whether it was all the natural testosterone boosters out there or when pro hormones came out in the late 90s, it was never something I was interested in, because I understand that in a closed-loop environment, if you mess with your endocrine system, you’re going to end up with less testosterone at the end that you started off with.

And why would you want that?

Why would you want that if you could, outside of marketing.

Outside of the idea, that you need some kind of supplement or some kind of a boost.

Live a lifestyle that could help you optimize your testosterone level and see where that is.

Because I think if most people had the chance to experience optimized testosterone because they got enough sleep, managed their stress, ate properly, didn’t drink too much, didn’t have a lifestyle that was wearing them down.

They would be pretty happy.

And if you think that a pill or some over-the-counter supplement is going to somehow counteract all those negative things If you are doing those negative things, you are wrong.

You are mistaken.

 I personally, am happy with my testosterone levels being that of a 47 year old man who works out because I’m a 47 year old man who works out.

I optimize my testosterone naturally with these steps

I don’t want to be a 21 year old man anymore because I’m not 21 anymore and my body shouldn’t be there because that’s not where I am.

Getting older and having a decrease in testosterone isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s not a bad thing because if you think about testosterone, the idea of more being better, just doesn’t apply.

If you took a cross-section of top natural bodybuilders and compared them to the general public, even those who don’t work out, you’re not going to see that the natural body builders who are successful have higher testosterone levels than those who aren’t natural body builders.

You’re not going to see those who are more muscular and have more muscles tending to have high testosterone levels than those who struggle at the gym to make gains.

Because it’s not so much a matter of how much testosterone your body has.

What matters most is how your body optimizes it.

How well does your body use what it creates?

Now, optimization is not something we talk about.

We talk about “boosting” all the time because boosting is a great marketing term.

Boosting is all about;

You need this product that you have to buy and we’re going to sell to you that’s going to make you better.

And anybody who’s been tuning in know that I have a huge problem with that idea because it takes away from this very sacred perspective that we already have everything we need and that, we don’t need to be sold something to excel.

Not when we, as a species for millions of years have done quite fine, without all these stupid products on the market.

That being said, there’s no testosterone difference between me or someone who hasn’t worked out a day in their life who is 47 years old.

We probably have more or less the same testosterone levels if they have a normal testosterone profile.

If they have really low testosterone, then we probably don’t.

But if they have the normal testosterone of someone in their late 40s, we probably have the same.

But the reason why my body is able to maintain muscle as I get older, is because I sleep well, because I eat well, I don’t ever have processed foods.

I pay very, very close attention to how I manage my stress and I live a life that’s going to do everything possible, not to boost my testosterone levels, because I don’t want that to happen, but to optimize the testosterone I already have so the testosterone my body has is being used as efficiently as possible to maintain my muscles and to keep me in a really good mood all the time and also to put me in a place where I don’t feel like I need to have my testosterone boosted.

And those are really important things.

There’s not a pill or a potion that can replicate good sleep, good nutrition and consistent training.

And if for whatever reason, you testosterone level has dropped, because of, let’s say advancing age.

There are things you can do, like exercise.

Like I said, like eating well, sleeping well and managing stress.

Those are things that take work.

Those are things that also take something called self-mastery.

It’s a Path.

It’s not a problem solution.

It’s a change of lifestyle to go towards a path to be in a better place.

It’s not, “There’s something wrong with me because my testosterone levels are low.”

It’s; if I change my life, I’ll have a better quality of life and everything will improve.

It’s a different way of looking at things.

But it’s a Way that also doesn’t sell you anything.

I’m not selling you anything. I’m not telling you to go buy anything.

I’m talking about what you need to think about in terms of mastering a path and you’re not going to hear that in the fitness industry because it doesn’t sell.

And they’re almost always trying to sell you something.

Healthy Living Is A Path

Now if you are in the natural bodybuilding community, you have to be very careful because a lot of those supplements out there can be spiked.

I can tell you from experience.

Some of the people who make supplements aren’t saints.

They are people thinking about profit and they will do whatever it takes sometimes to make sure their profits stay high.

Even if it means that some members of the public who consume their products are going to be harmed.

You need to take your health seriously.

You need to think about what you put in your body and you also need to stop thinking that you need something outside of yourself, outside of changing your lifestyle, for the better to be better.

And if you are working out and you are eating well and you are on a good path, but you still are convinced by the marketing that you’re not good enough that you need to do something extra.

You need to stop and take heed.

And understand just how powerful what you’re doing is.

What you’re doing is a powerful thing.

You are taking control of your life.

You don’t need anything else but consistency and perseverance, anything else is going to put you off the path.

If you’re natural. stay natural.

Just stay the path.

If you’re considering any of those “natural” testosterone boosters.

Save your money!

They’re probably not going to work.

You don’t know what you are putting into your body.

And if it did work is going to cause more harm than good.

You don’t want depression.

You don’t want lack of sex drive.

You don’t want to see your muscles wilting away.

And you don’t want to walk around with the testosterone level of a four-year-old girl.

Because that’s what’s going to happen in the long term if it does work.

So, believe in yourself.

Stay the Path.

Eat right, sleep right.

Manage your stress and Excelsior!

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